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The start of a new year is always a time for reflection. This post is a few days overdue, but nevertheless I want to share a bit about the past year and my current mindset.


  • First trip to Paris, complete with meeting up with an old friend and a romantic sunset dinner on the Eiffle Tower.
  • Great results in the LPC
  • Celebrating my Dad’s 60th Birthday with trip to Las Vegas
  • Being at home to spoil my Mom on her birthday
  • Having summer jobs and finding a long term placement
  • Tasting many good wines! 😉
  • Making new friends and drawing closer to older friends
  • End of pretty serious relationship
  • Realisation that some of my friends are not who I thought they were
  • Stress (loads!)
  • Loss of fitness
  • End of student life (for now)

So you see last year was a pretty good year, I mean it definitely had ups and downs but as a whole it was good. The worst parts stemmed from my relationships with others and thus I suppose from the risk that is inherent when you trust someone else. 2011 has left me a bit wiser and more discerning so I am curious and excited about what 2012 will bring!